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Announcing Speed Boost Lite


    Thursday, December 10, 2020

    Speed Boost Lite is a custom built plugin WordPress plugin McNair Media has developed to help boost the speed of your WordPress site. We are excited to be starting the roll out to our hosting clients today, and looking to make this available within the WordPress Plugin Directory within the next few weeks.

    About Speed Boost Lite

    Speed Boost Lite works by nondestructively disabling unnecessary scripts that ship with the WordPress core. Things like emojis load every time whether you use them or not! All of this can add up to 11% to your site load time! We have already seen between 9% to 11% in speed gains real world load time gains by using this plugin.

    About Speed Boost Pro

    You may be familiar with our our Speed Boost Add-On we already offer, which has recently been renamed Speed Boost Pro. This Pro version is a much more comprehensive approach and is tailored to your specific needs. With Pro, we have seen 30-40% speed increases. Combined with Lite, our Speed Boost Pro customers are seeing as low as 0.6 seconds in overall page load time!