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Website Hosting and Email Marketing Services

Web hosting is just as important as the front-end code that your customer sees. This is why we are in Ohio to provide the best hosting services to our clients. All our websites are hosted within the state of Ohio, which provides the best overall load time experience for any of our US based customers. We also provide backup services that allow us to reroute our site traffic to 13 additional server locations across the country in case of an outage.

WordPress is the ideal website platform for SMBs, startups, churches, and nonprofits needing the ability to make light changes to their sites at a moment’s notice. McNair Media provides professional WordPress development services and fantastic update and security management services as a part of our hosting plans to keep your WordPress site and plugins running optimally and fully patched.



USD Per Month, Paid Annually

Ideal for the average website (about 20 pages) and a blog

Fully Managed

 Update/Security Management

 Weekly Backups

 Up to 5 Website Admins



USD Per Month, Paid Annually

For larger sites with multiple administrators

Everything in Base Hosting

50+% Faster Than Base Hosting

 Daily Backups

 Up to 5000 admins or users with login functionality



USD Per Month, Contact Sales

Everything in Base and Turbo Hosting

Unlimited Website Users and Admins

Hourly Backups

And More!

*Our Standard hosting includes our Basic Email Marketing package while our Advanced Hosting includes the Plus Email Marketing Package

Email Marketing Services

We have honed and refined a robust and effective email marketing strategy that will help grow businesses in all stages and needs. No more fiddling with terrible email design dashboards or trying to craft the perfect sentence to drive sales, our easy to use email builder will take care of those details so you can get back to work and serve your clientele.




Have a Professional Look and Feel

We live in an ultra-competitive world. Most major businesses and organizations have entire teams working exclusively on their branding and design needs. Our email marketing services allow you to have first-rate branding, design, and development services that will make your email marketing efforts a success.

Email Marketing Pricing Plans



**Available with Standard or Turbo website hosting package


Up to 500 contacts

1,000 sends per month

Portal & Email Support



***Available with Advanced website hosting package


Unlimited contacts

Unlimited sends

Portal & Email Support



Available as upgrade to website packages and for standalone plans

Portal, Phone & Email Support