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Introducing the McNair Media Plugin Directory

    McNair Media is proud to introduce our new plugin directory for our website platform! These plugins are ready for you to add to your account and our team will safety install them for you.

    Free Plugins Available!

    McNair Media First Party Plugins

    Some things are just missing from the WordPress Plugin Directory, which is why we try to give back to the community with plugins addressing some of the missing features that we use on any WordPress client site. Through this, we have created first party plugins available with many of them being free!

    Recommended third Party Plugins

    Over the years, we have curated a selection of plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory. The McNair Media Directory is a list of our recommended third party plugins that you can safely install onto your website. These plugins are free to install and are easy to implement yourself. We provide additional consultation and support through our hourly rate or our monthly retainer services.

    A Trusted Partner

    Unlike many agencies, we develop on WordPress from the ground up, all in house. While we will use some well supported third party plugins, we find that a customer’s specific needs don’t tend to fit into the cookie cutter plugins out there today. This ability to effectively develop internally allows us to beat our competition on quality and price while providing a WordPress sites that are built better and load faster than the competition.

    If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation to talk through your website, contact us today!