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Old Photos Can Be Saved With AI

    Have you ever wished you could magically enhance an old, low-resolution photo of a beloved memory? Thanks to advancements in AI photography upscaling technology, this dream has become a reality. AI upscaling can take an image with low resolution and increase its resolution while maintaining or even enhancing its quality, resulting in a clearer and more detailed picture.

    Increase Clarity and Size

    One of the most significant advantages of AI upscaling is that it allows us to enhance photos that we can never capture again. For example, old photos of buildings or landmarks that no longer exist can be restored to their former glory. Historical images that have been degraded over time due to age or poor storage conditions can also be improved using AI upscaling. In many cases, the end result is a stunning image that is better than the original.

    Something that’s hard to visualize is the data can be regenerated using AI upscaling. The pictures don’t simply look better, they actually get blown up into a higher resolution. A good example is this professional headshot of a client of ours. The client has had trouble locating the original file but has this highly compressed version. We were able to upscale it to 8 times the size of that compressed version. The result was not only a more vibrant and clearer photo, but one that could be reprinted or blown up for other use cases.

    However, it’s important to note that AI upscaling is not a magic wand that can fix all low-quality images. There are limitations to what AI models can do, and not all images will produce the desired outcome. It’s also worth mentioning that the quality of the final output is highly dependent on the input image quality. So, if the original photo is too blurry, noisy, or heavily compressed, the results may not be satisfactory. We have found that the best outcome are pictures that were taken originally with film cameras or professional digital cameras. Old cell phone photos or digital point and shoot cameras tend to not work as well.

    How McNair Media Helps

    To ensure that clients get the best possible outcome, McNair Media provides a way to test a photo before running it through the final AI upscaling. This approach helps to identify potential issues that may affect the final result and allows us to adjust the parameters accordingly.

    McNair Media also uses AI upscaling to aid clients in upscaling photos where the original high-quality photo has been lost, and only a highly compressed photo remains. By using AI upscaling, the photo can be restored to its original resolution, and the details can be enhanced, making it look as good as new.

    In conclusion, AI photography upscaling is a fantastic way to make old photos pop again. It can breathe new life into old memories, restore historical images, and enhance the quality of low-resolution photos. While it’s not perfect, with the right expertise and tools, AI upscaling can be an incredibly valuable tool in the world of photography.


    Erik McNair

    Erik McNair is a digital marketing professional living in Arlington, OH. As co-owner of McNair Media, he has focused on developing and executing SEO and marketing strategies in a manner that supports the client’s consistent business growth and enhances brand equity and awareness. He attended and graduated from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville GA with a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Telecommunications. He’s a certified Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads marketing professional. Outside of marketing, Mr. McNair is an avid technologist. He’s always running the latest software betas and testing out new and exciting products. He occasionally writes about thoughts on technology, but his main focus has been on growing and establishing McNair Media.