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Camera lens for 4K video shoots in Findlay Ohio

Video Production Services

At McNair Media, we know that engaging video obtains real results for your business. We work with our clients on how to use video and how to add it into your marketing strategy. We work with our clients on how to use video and how to add it into your marketing strategy. We provide video shoots in 4K video, with our travel fees waived in the Findlay/Hancock County area. If you’d like to schedule a free consult to talk through your video production needs, please click here.

Video SEO Services

Video SEO refers to optimizing your video so that it can be easily found by search engines and users on the internet. By optimizing your video, you can increase the chances that your video will be found when people search for related keywords. Our optimization work can improve the visibility of your videos and attract more views, which can translate into increased sales and customers.

Other Video Services Available

Video Hosting

Hosting your video content natively on your website is one of the best things you can do to add a professional look and feel to your brand. We provide a high bandwidth and low latency service that is ideal for corporate video, churches and virtual school learning management systems. Because these services are developed in house, we can provide affordable prices that are hard to find.

Video Consulting

Videos provide great engagement online, however some people in the video production space are not marketers. Creating a promotional video that can increase sales and inquiries is something that our team can consult you and your video production on to help increase your success.

Graphics and Editing

You may have access to professional cameras and can get some good looking footage, but making a professional final product can be difficult and time consuming. We provide professional video editing, soundtrack work and custom 3D graphics to make your video pop and perform.

Erik McNair shooting professional 4K video at manufacturing facility in Holland Michigan

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